Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 0

My previous blogging experiences were done to chronicle experiences, capture feelings, share the joys and sorrows I felt as I wandered the world. This blog is way more simple and selfish than that.

I have exactly thirty nine days before I start work. Thirty nine days where, if I'm not careful, I will do absolutely nothing and be bored and jumpy and miserable. Ergo, I have decided to start a blog where I will write down one exciting thing I do each day.

Is it sad that I need to have an excuse to go out each day? That the only way I can ensure I'll be motivated to make friends, go places, and just in general be a real person is to first make some sort of blog commitment? That while I want to have fun, what I REALLY want is for my best friends and particularly devout stalkers to read about it?

It's not not sad.

But why analyze? The world awaits.


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