Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 1

For my first act for the Sarah Palozza-Stravaganza-McAwesome MonthO'Sweetness, I decided to go to the beach and watch Flugtag, a Red Bull sponsored thing where groups of people build pseudo-flying contraptions and try to fly them off a pier on Chicago's North Avenue Beach. It's sponsored by Red Bull. Because Red Bull gives you wings! Get it? BWAH! Hilarious.

Teams are judged by how far their crafts fly, how hilarious their accompanied constumed song and dance number is, and how much man skin they show. And there was certainly man skin aplenty. Indeed, there's a good chance I'll have nightmares about one particularly large banana-hammock clad Smurf for years to come.

Words don't really do this show justice. But it was pretty awesome.

The guy I went with, a fellow future work person who is starting the same day I am, was really cool. We pledged to enter a team in the next competition, so I suggest you mark your calenders now. At this point next year you will invariably be cheering on the Fly Bankers as we rock out to 'I Want Money' while engaging in some sort of cross-dressing suit striptease that culminates in the farthest flight the Flugtag world has ever seen.

Skeptical? Pshaw. You'll see. YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!

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