Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fast Forward

By day 15, the process of actually living my life had officially gotten in the way of writing about it. I hate it when that happens.

But the rest of my time before I started work passed reasonably well even without the gimmick of writing about it. Wandering through the Sonoran desert, crashing tech blog hotel parties, exploring my new old city. And then starting work, with all the new people, conversations, thoughts, bars, and experiences that naturally accompany such a change. Life was alright.

But now it's the new year. And the newness of life as a yopro (if that's not a word it totally should be) is starting to wear off. I'm getting restless. My mind drifts, my eyes wander, and the process of thinking of new games and tricks to play on myself as I force life and excitement into my days begins again.

So stay tuned...