Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 3

Day three was almost a wash. A lecture called Pleasuring the Peach: Perfecting the Art of the Female Orgasm showed some promise until I saw that it was advertised to straight men, lesbians, and couples. And, even more importantly, cost like $20. So I passed.

As a sidenote -- My sister, upon hearing the class cost money, said something along the lines of 'you have to pay for the class? what do for you for the money" and sounded horrified. Tee hee.

I also skipped out on plans to hear a lecture on sports and politics and micropolitical resistance of some kind because it started raining and I feared I would melt. With the rain increasing and my options dwindling, I tried to think of something else I had done that day that constituted interesting. Watching Gossip Girl? No. Contemplating buying antique dresser? No. Vaguely flirting with guy at check out counter? No.

I almost gave up. But if whats-his-face could go 30 days straight of eating mcdonalds, I could certainly go three days of being cool. I WOULD find fun!

To be continued...

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