Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 2

Yesterday, I grabbed my mom, threw on some heels, and headed to Flirty Girl Fitness for the Summer Crave charity event they were having. It cost $20 to attend, but the proceeds at least ostensibly went to their partner nonprofit, an organization that gives free makeovers, massages, and haircuts to women going through cancer treatments. And that's good stuff. Plus they threw in a magazine subscription to a chicago event mag called TimeOut, weeeeee.

Flirty Girl Fitness is like a dream gym...if you're Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Or, Alternatively, A stripper. The outside is pink. The inside is pink. The towels are pink. The weird plastic chandeliers are, well, really more of a salmon color. But you get the drift. They offer classes like pole dancing, chair straddling strip teases, and music video dance lessons. And they call it exercise. How awesome is that? Answer: SO AWESOME.

The actual party was pretty neat. There were a few appetizers and unlimited Miller 64s for the calorie conscious alcoholic. Plus some designer clothes to try on, pole dance demonstrations to super expensive but delicious smelling body lotion to pretend to be interested in purchasing when really there's no freaking way i'm spending that much on glorified soap.

My mom and I got Bare Essentials makeovers that made me look relatively pretty and mi madre look DAMN HOT. And she knew she looked beautiful too. And was more full of smiles and confidence then I had seen in a while.

And it was good.

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